reproduction shifter $35

1979-99 pair $24

kick start or shifter rubber $5
handle bar grommet $4.50
original honda knob-each $27

Handlebar Set, These are 100% new bars, not repaired old bars. Our raw bars are manufactured from scratch  then TRIPLE CHROME PLATED. These are not bars manufactured for another Chinese bike, like others sell, and adapted to fit your CT70. Our bars have all of the correct holes, slots and perch mounts in the correct location. The locking ring on the bar is correct with the correct tapper for the proper fit, unlike the other cheap copies out there that do not seat properly in the locking ring, in the triple clamp.


billet alloy throttle


universal risers for standard 7/8 inch bars $35

billet throttles $50

All 6 colors with roller bearings and clear lens

                    Black plastic levers                                       aftermarket Alloy levers                            Ivory white plastic levers

                             $45 pair                                               $30 pair                                                        $45 pair   


custom billet footpegs $65

Come complete with all hardware

top quality scott grips $22

billet alloy shifters $25

red, blue, silver,gold,black come with folding tip

stock style  kicker $35

cafe/drag style handlebar kit 7pcs.


3 pc. aftermarket kit  $16
black lever screw $3.50
chrome lever screw $3.50

1972-78 pair $38

handle bar cable tie $2.25
honda handle bar nut $12
billet handle bar knob set $29
chrome lever bolt $7.00

1968-71 pair $14

all original honda internal throttle parts 5pc. kit $55

original honda steering stem nut $13.50

ct70 bars, controls, grips